1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

08 May

During the process of planning my short film it was important to use and challenge the conventions a short film would use. A short film would necessarily only last four to nine minutes with a story or plot with a twist . To challenge these forms we looked back at our research of short films and took the initiative to plan the suitable conventions a short film would include and be accessible.

Narrative/storyline – Our short film used, challenged and developed typical conventions of a short film. The opening scene went straight into a dramatic suspence of a car crash which challenged a short film convention of a typical opening scene of what the characters are doing at the location/setting. Instead we wanted a non-linear/ chronological storyline to make our narrative unique leading to a equilibrium but with a mind boggling twist at the end. Personally I think I challenged and developed the short film conventions compared to the usual story or adventure of a character(s).

An example of our inspiration Jason Derulo ‘What If’ music video. The idea of the flashback and the car crash influenced our short film.

The short film ‘I Stood up’ inspired us to have a voice over so the storyline was alot clearer to the audience.

i stood up

Characters – We used the typical short film convention of only including 2-3 characters because of the length of time we had to introduce their characteristics and to include their involvement in the short film.

Depending on the short film the characters can have very different characteristics for example the villain, the victim and everyday, ordinary people with their personal stories. We used characters such as a male ‘love rat’ his mistress and the innocent, heartbroken female. These are the typical forms of characters used in a short film.

Genre – A typical genre for a short film would be a drama, thriller, romance, comedy, gritty dramas and a horror.

Our genre is a romantic drama which we developed by adding a touch of action. We challenged the genre but also followed the typical conventions of a short film.

Settings/Locations – A conventional setting or location of a short film would use would be a house, building or an  everyday life place. We used a busy highstreet and a park.

Title – A conventional short film title would be short and snappy like Stripes, Ice Cream Dream and Lovefield.

We wanted to make our title snappy but as a question to relate to our short film. We called it WHAT IF…?

Ending – A typical short film ending will usually end in a cliff hanger or the problem would be resolved or discovered.

Our ending challenged the convention because the ending ended up as the flashback we saw in scene one.

Overall we used, challenged forms and developed typical conventions of a short film by including everything all short films have but with a more advanced plot.

Our short film using typical conventions

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