3)How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?

08 May

Short Film Researching

As our research started we focussed on the internet for short film websites like the BBC film websites, channel4, film council and mostly YouTube to find different short films.The internet is a research tool which is being worldwide  for everyday businesses, research and entertainment.

This helped me learn the conventions of short films so I can gain an understanding of short films. The internet was very helpful and even the posts of the shorts helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses of the shorts. The internet has many opportunities I could have used to progress my research such the distribution and the the production of the shorts. The internet do have there disadvantages for example Wikipedia where not all their information is accurate and can be changed. To put together my short film research I made a PowerPoint which I used the internet to gain my information and my short film clips which can be seen as a disadvantage because of copyright. but greatly helped my understanding of short films. Other technologies I used was Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint which had disadvantages and advantages because of the lack of information you can put on a slide but it is an advantage because it can reflect someones creativity. And WordPress blog as logging evidence.The advantages of WordPress is that it is very accessible and easy just to log and update later. The disadvantages of WordPress is that it sometimes freezes when logging in it is also very slow to upload images and moving clips.


To film we had basic digital video cameras which were light and very portable. The cameras were easy to use and good qualily in the daytime. However the cameras caught background sound which made our sound on our film slightly unclear and when the weather started to get darker the we could not brighten the mode so we had to arrange other plans. We had a tri pod so we could gain different angles and a zoom button. We also brought digital cameras and portable flip cameras to film evidence of us filming. The flip cameras were very easy to use and you just uploaded your footage to youtube then on your blog .A disadvantage of the flip cameras is that you had to upload to YouTube instead of your own computer. The cameras could have offered more potential for better cine photography and sound equipment to block out unwanted background sound.

Post Production (Editing)

The apple macs we used were very user friendly especially i-movie which we needed to edit our film. I-movie is easy to use just by cut and cropping unwanted scenes and arranging footage in its order. It was very fun and interesting to play around with all the different transitions and effects which were also user friendly however there were limited amount of fonts for titles and special effects which was a disadvantage to us because we need titles and end credits. To make our own soundtrack we used garage band which was also user friendly just by combining different melodies, tracks and sounds then recording them to make our own individual soundtrack. The technology we use has increasingly progressed over the years which benefits everyones technological skills and creativity. I-movie and Garage band has potential for everyone to use their creativity.


In this day and age any moving image is easily distributed through YouTube, blogs, websites and even me burning my film on a CD ROM and passing it on. Without technology I would have found it very difficult to create a short film and it would have decreased my creativity and I wouldn’t have the technological skills I have gained throughout creating the short film process.

Film Poster Planning

I used the internet especially Google to research different teaser posters so I could gain knowledge of the formats and what is usually included of a teaser poster. After drafting three posters I picked my final one and took many pictures on a digital camera of Zahra and a field. I made sure I took plenty of photos just incase the sunlight disturbed the camera lens. The camera was easy to imput and my photos were easily accessible on my account. I then scanned my hand drawn posters through a scanner into the computer then they went on my WordPress blog as evidence.

Designing the film poster

I used Adobe Photoshop to create my poster. It wasn’t that tricky even though some tools were self-explanatory. I have had Photoshop experience in the past although the Photoshop guide was very helpful. I made my poster very simple but effective just by combining my photos and lightening the sky. Then using a simple font to fill up the remaining space. Photoshop has a disadvantage because there are so may tools which people find hard to understand and use.

Distribution of the film poster

I can easily distribute my poster using social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and twitter. The internet has made it possible to distribute my poster to the social networking sites, WordPress, email and other blogs.

Film Review


I used the internet to look at the Little White Lies website to read some reviews to interpret their style of language and layout they used. Their style was very artistic and witty so I researched alot of their formats, layouts and animations. I then used WordPress to blog my research.

Designing the film review

Firstly I drafted my article onto Microsoft word then I used a film still from my film short on i-movie to use as my central image. I used Photoshop to create my film review. I copy and pasted my article onto Photoshop then added the image. I did some re arranging to copy the Little White Lies layout. Photoshop offers me potential because it could be an advantageous skill for my future career.

Distributing my review

I can easily distribute my review on the internet by publishing on blogs, email and social network sites.

During the construction of my short film, poster and film review the technology we have has advanced my work to a near professional standard and has increased my technological skills greatly.Finish by considering the massive impact of new technology on the media and on the possibility of everday consumers becoming producers. Today new media has increasingly developed new forms of creativity for example David Gauntlettes theory based on 2.0 web and how all smaller sites will connect to big internet programmes and many new technological ideas and creativity will be formed.

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