2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

08 May


How is it linked to your short film?

My film poster isn’t particularly linked to my short film because it is a teaser poster. What is linked to my poster is the main character  in a hazy background looking into the shining sky. This is because the short film is in a roller coaster of flashbacks. I decided to do this to show the audience that the character shown has been shown a path and represents something life changing will happen to this character which will leave the audience questioning themselves what will happen to this character? As a teaser poster the poster only features the central narrative image, the title, the tagline and the release date.

How does it promote the film?

The poster promotes the film by the title a rhetorical question What If..? and the back of the the character looking in an open space for something. The title compliments the character and her actions of looking to the sky as if something fictional could happen regarding the title What If…?

What aspects of the film does it focus on?

Being a teaser poster the only aspect of the film the poster focuses on is the character walking towards the lightened sky and the rhetorical question What If…? This conveys the passage the main character goes through throughout the film and how her life turns upside down hence the open, empty background and the bright light shining on her.

How does it take the codes and conventions of the film into its design?

My film poster takes the codes and conventions of a teaser poster by using the same layout, minimal characters, a snappy tagline, a bold title and the release date. Most teaser posters use the exact same layout and format as my teaser poster so it does not give too much away to the audience before the theatrical posters are released. This is because the distributors want the audience guessing by giving clues in the teaser posters ahead of the theatrical poster and commercials.

How does my poster convey the genre?

My poster conveys the genre because of the characters back facing the audience and looking towards the future. This gives us a clue the character has had a dramatic life and is moving forward to the light. The tagline and title also identifies the genre of the drama.

What audience(s) does it target?

The target audience is aimed at 12 years and above. My poster does not show the certificate as it is a teaser but it will on the theatrical poster. The target audience would be for people who enjoy intellectual films with a plot and a twist or a very intense, dramatic storyline.

Can you tell your poster is for your specific film?

No because it is a teaser poster but when the theatrical posters are released the teaser poster will relate to the other posters and the audience will see the character and match the taglines.

Did your audience feedback support this?

Film Review

Was the magazine appropriate for your film?

The independent British magazine Little White Lies was an appropriate choice because the magazine features up and coming films and short films. Little White Lies focuses on the intelligence of the narratives of the films and as our short film is a low budget British film it would surely feature in Little White Lies.

How does the review promote the film?

The review promotes the film by describing the narrative as a unique, brilliant short film in their style of intellectual witty banter. The review also includes the strengths and weakness’s overall which will interest film fans usually in the film business or students with strong opinions on films.

What aspect on the film does it focus on?

The review focuses on the narrative and how the flashbacks puzzle the audience till the very end. LWL also focus on the editing as a strength for such a low budget film as well as the acting. LWL also feature the weakness’s of minor parts of the script and the sound but overall the review was rated highly.

How far does your review reflect the real strengths and weaknesses of your film?

Overall I was fair with my review because I included both strengths and weaknesses in my review including poor scripting but a very good idea and storyline. I was not bias but fair and included many strengths and weaknesses.

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