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Looking for Eric was a low budget British film which invested alot of their money into their marketing campaign to attract as many audiences as possible.

In groups we explored the following:

Different possible audiences for our short film:

Primary Audience: Females, aged 18-24 & Males aged 20+

Secondary Audience: Young adults, people who may have been through the situation and can relate to the film

Teritary Audience– People that watch the film for educational purposes or any other reasons

eric 1

eric 2

eric 3

eric 4

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Film shorts are usually produced by small independent production companies. They are often privately financed or financed through grants and awards.

I am going to gain funding from the UK Film Council. The Film Fund is a new unified production and development fund dedicated to British Filmmaking.

The Film Fund supports filmmakers in the UK who are emerging or world-class and are capable of creating distinctive and entertaining work. The Film Fund gains £15 million a year to invest across the development, production and completion of feature films. Being supported by the UK film council  means more than just being given funding. It means that your project can be assisted at every step of the journey by the team, who can offer advice and practical help with many aspects of developing and producing films.

We choose GOLDWORKS for our production name and logo as it is eye catching and easy to remember. Our logo will be in gold block capital letters on a black background. This is a mature representaion of the genres of films we produce.


Short Film makers usually distribute their films through the internet or screenings at festivals. Some organizers help distribute low budget films such as future shorts but it is very hard considering they are such low budget. Short films can also be used as ‘fill ins’ on television. If a good short film is widely recognized the director could face success such as Shane Meadows and Quentin Taratino.


Short films have a reputation of being low budget. Short films are expected to used unpaid actors, minimal props and locations because of there low budget.

A diagram of how a big hollywood films distribution would flow

GOLDWORKS would distribute our film by:

– Posters

– Trailers

– Billboards

– Social Networking sites

– Film festivals

– Interviews

-Magazine articles

We also include a press kit to send to movie and magazine critics as a taster and a bit of information about our film.  Example of a press kit                                                     

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