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How important are film posters in the marketing of films?

Film posters are at the heart of the intigrated marketing campaign. The film posters advertise the movie for release worldwide. Alot of funding is put into the posters as many different posters for the film are produced. Without posters the public would not come across the upcoming film and the information the poster is telling us. Film posters are very important and crucial to the film marketing industry as they have a huge impact on the audiences they attract.

Is there more than one type of film poster?

There are usually only two types of film posters eg. Theatrical and Teaser. However many films fund a large marketing campaign to create several posters to attract different audiences.

A Teaser poster is a very suttle product to raise early awareness of the film release. The Teaser will usually only include an image and a tagline. Hardly any information is placed on the poster because the Theatrical will include these elements.

A ‘Theatrical’ (movie theatre) Poster is the main and final product of the poster. The poster will include the release date, images, main cast or actors name, credit block, title and the age certificate. It is very likely that there will be several different Theatrical posters to lure different audiences even if the posters are in a completely different context.







An analysis of a theatrical poster relating to our short film. CLOSER.


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