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shooting schedule is very important to the organisation of our production work. it scheldules the date and time, shots and scenes, locations, props and costumes and actors which are needed. without a shooting schedule filming shoots will be very unorganised and confusing. the shooting schedule plans certain scenes and cast, mise en scene and equipment needed.

the equipment booking form is needed to track certain equipment when booked out. the equipment booking form includes what equipment is being booked out, the date of the equipment booked out and a member of staffs signature.


Date/Time Shots/Scenes Locations Props/Costumes Actors
12/11/10 Scene 1 Open Space CarShopping bagsBlood

Zahra- smart clothing

Asim- smart clothing

15/11/10 Scene 2/3 High street & Jewellery shop CoffeeRingsPhone

Shopping bags

Zahra & Tanya- Smart clothing

16/11/10 Scene 5/6/7 Wanstead Park Shopping bagsPhoneZahra & Tanya- smart clothing ZahraTanya
17/11/10 Scene 8/9/10 Wanstead Park CarShopping bagsPavan- casual wear

Asim- Suit

Zahra- Smart wear




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health and safety is extremely important for the crew and publics wellbeing. without health and safety danger and injury could take place at any time, if health and safety regulations have not been considered.

the health and safety issues raised in our production was the planning locations, filming members of the public and storing equipment correctly.

the planning locations could not be too surrounded by pedestrians and locations have to be a safe and stable place so the equipment does not get destroyed and no one injures themselves.

to film members of the public we need permission to include them in the film. we filmed in the less crowded part of the highstreet and did not directly film members of the public.

we stored electrical equipment appropriately because we was moving back and fourth different locations.

Health and Safety Considerations Health and Safety Risk Assessment
Lifting heavy objects To carry heavy objects make sure there is more than one person to lift the object or specialised machinery. This is to prevent any injuries to yourself and others and also to protect the equipment
Taking care with electrical cables The electrical cables must be out of the way of pedestrians and workers on set to prevent all injuries. To prevent this we must tape the cables out of the way of the filming scene.
Storing equipment safely and appropriately Storing equipment safely and appropriately is very important so the equipment does not get destroyed and the equipment does not collapse and injure a crew member.
Storing sharp/Electrical objects safely Make sure sharp objects are stored blade down so no one injures themselves whilst handling the sharp objects. Electrical objects must be stored correctly, by wrapping the leads so no one trips over injuring themselves.
Wearing appropriate clothing Clothing has to tucked in, shoe laces must be tied and long hair should be tied back to prevent anything getting caught in the equipment
Being aware of safety when interviewing Whist interviewing someone make sure the equipment is stable and the electrical cables are kept out of the way so the interviewee will not be in any danger
Planning locations The planning locations should be too congested with pedestrians and locations have to be safe and a stable place so the equipment does not get destroyed or no one injures themselves
Filming members of the public To film members of the public, we need to ask permission to include them in the film. Without permission we cannot include them in our film
Other (Stunts) To produce stunts we need safe stunt equipment such as padding and harnesses so the stunt double does not get injured
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storyboards are one of the first steps in pre production in the production of a film. a storyboard is also pitched with the script to investors interested in funding. the main function of a storyboard is to show  scene by scene by using illustrations to visualise the production. the storyboard also features a short description of the scene, camera shots which will be used, mise en scene, sound and lighting. a storyboard is set out like a comic strip with detailed sketches of the scene.

me and pavaan created the storyboard of the film opening by following the scene by scene outline. by creating a storyboard we was able to illustrate what we wanted the characters and scenes to look like.

a few changes were made at this stage for example we had to change locations nearer to the school so we had more filming time. we also had to arrange to film in mornings and afternoons to film in the daylight.

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Scene Description Actors Location Props
1 Car crash, girl screaming sound affects Zahra, Asim & Tanya Street CarShopping bags
2 Rewinds back to earlier in the day before the accident took place` Everyone All the places we shot All the props we used
3 Zahra is in the ring shop with Tanya. She leaves her phone by accident, while leaving ZahraTanya Jewellery shop Shopping bagsPhone
4 Walking down the street- Coffee spill ZahraTanyaAlex Street Shopping bagsCoffee Cup
5 Reach a park and Zahra walks in to a puddle ZahraTanya Park Shopping bags
6 Zahra’s heel gets stuck in the mud and she complains about what a bad she’s having ZahraTanya Park Shopping bags
7 The friends take their own paths to go home after saying bye to each other ZahraTanya Park Shopping bags
8 Zahra is walking through the park peacefully she then suddenly spots her to be husband with another girl ZahraPavanAsim Park Shopping Bags
9 Zahra runs of crying and upset, Asim runs behind her to stop her and tries to explain ZahraAsim Park Shopping bags
10 Asim pushes Zahra out of the way when he sees a girl coming. And gets hit himself. The voiceover of Zahra starts to play, she’s questioning everything that happened. And the culprit is revealed ZahraAsimTanya Street Car


A scene by scene list is always important because it breaks down everything from the storyboard and into scenes. The scene by scene includes everything from script to direction to props.

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scripting is a crucial part of pre production. all films must provide a storyboard and a script to gain funding. professional scripts are set out as a certain format.

A screenplay is composed based on 3 key elements they are as follow:

Characters– what they will do and say, it will entail the stage directions of how it should be performed, for example in a happy/sarcastic/angry/sad/crying voice. It will also direct them to how their position is during filming.

Plot- Is the structure of how the film will go and what will happen

Dialogue– what will be said.

All three elements cross over in script writing.

This is what a professional script should look like:

This film script shows that the names of the characters should be placed in the centreof the page, and also there should be stage directions to the prompt the actors on where and how to say their lines.

however not all films stick to the script, many impravise for example shane meadows hardly sticks to the script and directs the actors in his individual way.

zahra mainly created the script but we had difficulties making the script dramatic and intense in such a short period of time. the dialogue is the key ingredient to a good production and takes alot of thought. many scripting drafts were involved to keep the dialogue embracing. we are also including a voice over to explain the story clearly which was also scripted.

Zahra and Tanya walk out of the jewellery, unknowingly leaving the Zahra’s
phone behind in the shop)


I’ve had such a long
day, I’ve just got so much to do. Tani babe I’ve got to get the deco, get my
shoes, pick up my dress and my accessories!

(Searches her pockets and bags for the mobile phone)

I can’t even show you
the hair thing I want to get cos’ I can’t find this stupid phone of mine!


I told you he’s not
worth it


(Says in an anger and annoyed tone of voice)

What? What are you
talking about?! I’m telling you, I have SO much stuff to do and all you want to
do is talk about this rubbish as always! Just shutup Tani!

(Zahra storms off)

(Zahra then bumps in to Alex and spills coffee all over her- As Tanya
calls out for Zahra)


I’m so sorry babe I’m
so so sorry!!


OH MY GOD! Watch
where your going next time. What you looking at me for now? Just walk on! Gosh
blonde girls these days can’t even walk in a straight line!

(Tanya walks faster to catch up with Zahra and puts her arm around her)


Look I’m sorry. I
always end up saying too much, I’m just trying to look after you. I don’t want
you getting hurt that’s all

(Zahra and Tanya enter the park at this point)


I know he won’t trust
me on this. The past is the past.  He loves
me just think about how you’re going to find yourself someone


Oh I will do! I’m
single and ready to mingle as always, don’t you worry about that dear

(Zahra walks in to a puddle and then the heel of her shoe gets stuck in
the soil)


AHHHH for FUCKS sake!
First my phone, then my new suit and now my three hundred quid real leather
shoes! AAHH my day just can’t get any better!


Oh don’t worry. YOU’RE

Zahra & Tanya

(Start laughing and smiling)


Anyway I’m off yeah?
See you tomorrow baby and stop stressing!


Cheers babe, don’t be
late tomorrow! Love you lotsss

(Zahra & Tanya both go their separate ways and this scene ends)

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Character Profiles:

Zahra Hussain playing Zahra-

Personality: She is hardworking, loyal, determined, ambitious, simple, pretty, committed, faithful, caring loving, confident, clumsy, classy/trendy, very stubborn, emotional, easy to talk to, loves to socialise and go out, shopping is a passion. Her personality is very loving, as she is very close and in love with her former boyfriend, Asim. She is stubborn, however finds herself to always forgive those who are closest to her, after making them suffer and realise their mistake. She also likes to social with her close friends, such as Tanya, who she calls Tani, as a nickname.

Passions & Motivations: She has always had a motivate and a goal in life to be able to achieve someone and to be successful. Her motivation has always been her family and her closest friends around her. She is very passionate about her work and feels that her greatest achievement was graduating; this is reflected through the happiness of her parents. She is in love with her boyfriend and feels that he is the right and only guy for her at the present moment, as they are scheduled to get married.

Background: Zahra has always had a close relationship with her parents, and also with her friends. From a very young age she decided that she wanted to be a Journalist, and her parents were very supportive, she has now achieved that dream and works for a successful worldwide fashion magazine as a managing director. She got in a relationship with her current boyfriend, Asim from secondary school; they say it was ‘love at first sight’. She is from a wealthy, middle class and educated family. Currently she is in the process of getting engaged to her boyfriend, preparations are underway. Zahra lives with her boyfriend, Asim, in their shared one-bed penthouse

Relationships: Asim, was her first proper boyfriend, although she had a teenage fling with a boy back in primary school, but when she went to secondary school, she found the most two important friends, who’d stick with her through the rest of her life. Tanya has been her best friend, since she met Asim at school, they were all best friends, however Zahra’s and Asim’s friendship turned in to more than just best friends.

Name and Age: Zahra & 22

Baldeep Choudhury playing Baldeep

Personality: Confident, Good looking, wealthy, womaniser, flirt, teaser, loving, cheeky, classy/trendy, loud, caring, funny, sweet, warm hearted, hard working, intelligent, ambitious. bALDEEP is every girls dream but sometimes he can get carried away, when he sees something that he likes for example attractive women. He really loves his girlfriend a lot but sometimes he wants to explore and have fun for a little bit. He loves to buy his girlfriend nice presents, and make her happy. He has a good heart and this is what his girlfriend can see, everyone around them thinks he’s just a womaniser and a big flirt, and that his girlfriend can do better, but she believes she can through him. His girlfriend brings out the best in him; he looks forward to going home after work to his girlfriend.

Passions & Motivations: Work, his girlfriend, money and women. He is very passionate about his work and his girlfriend. Although he is a very big flirt and likes pretty women, and sometimes cannot resist.

Relationships: Asim has not been in any serious relationships apart from his current one with Zahra, he really does love her deep inside, however he likes to have some fun by flirting with pretty girls.

Backgrounds: Lives with his girlfriend, Zahra, in a share apartment. He is very committed to his work and very hardworking. He has never been in a serious relationship apart from his current one, because he has never liked to settle down, however since he has met Zahra he has felt that she is the one for him.

Name & Age: Asim & 23

Tanya Ashfaq Playing Tanya/Tani:

Personality: Sweet, caring, ditzy, confident, smart, rebellious, innocent, slow, loyal. Tanya is a very close loyal and trustworthy friend, who is always there when a friend is need. She is presented as the perfect friend. The type of friend who says funny things, without the intention of it to be funny. Tanya is an attractive young girl who is looking for her ‘mr right’ but has not found one as of yet. She loves the idea of fairy tales and wishes that her life was one, she has hope that one day her prince charming will come to her. Tanya is a gentle person, she would never hurt anyone intentionally but when she does she feels extremely remorseful for it.

Passions & Motivations: work, boys, partying, socialising with friends and family

Relationship: Tanya has been in quite a few relationship but they have never lasted more than a month, she is currently looking her ‘mr right’. However she likes the idea of a free meal now and again!

Background: Tanya is an independent working woman, who lives on her own, in her own flat.

Name & Age:

Tanya & 22

Pavan Kallah Playing Pavan

Personality: A lot of sex appeal, wild, confident, outgoing, socialise, loud, home wrecker, gold digger, player, bitchy, self centred, selfish, insecure, big headed, materialistic and outgoing. Pavan’s personality is cunning and devious, if she knew a bitter truth about something that she would have to end up sacrificing which wouldn’t give her what she wanted to start with; she wouldn’t consider anyone’s feelings but her own. She loves the attention from males and would do anything to get with someone who is well off. She likes to wear tight fitted clothes, to show her petite figure off with the attempt to appeal and seduce males.

Passions & Motivations: Pavan is more like a playboy girl, she likes the glamorous life. Her motivations are male attentions, sex, clothes and makeup. She doesn’t have a motivate for life, she just lives every day as it is. She works as a bar-maid in a night club.

Relationships: Pavan does not keep long term boyfriends, as she is a very insecure person and believes that if she gets in to a relationship she will get extremely hurt. She has never had a proper relationship, but she does everyday flings, with whoever she finds attractive. She does not keep in contact with a male for more than a month, after this she finds new blood to play games with. At the moment, her fling is Asim who is Zahra’s boyfriend. She is aware that Asim has a long-term girlfriend who he loves dearly.

Name & Age: Pavan Kallah & 20

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