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As we have now formed a group we had to come up with a genre and storyline of a short film. We brainstormed different ideas of storylines and plots mainly consisting of romantic comedy ideas and female related dramas. I personally came up with a short musical piece but it wasn’t very practical due to the time limit and the equipment we had to use.


We finally came up with an idea.

Our storyline is similar to the film ‘Sliding Doors’ we are going to create a similar twist of the plot to our film for example we are going to show are shocking ending at the beginning and then throughout the film we show how the character ended up in that situation.

What If…        (The General Plot)

In the beginning scene we see a mystery character get hit by a car. The scene then follows on to the begining of her day. Zahra and her friend go window shopping for wedding rings but Tanya dissaproves of Zahras fiancée. Zahra and tanya end up having and arguement and zahra storms off. On Zahras way home she catches her fiance cheating on her. She runs of in distraught infront of a Tanya’s car (Zahras friend)  and we hear a spine shattering bang. The scene shows Zahras shopping bags fly into the air and fall across the bonnet and road as we see in the beginning scene, but as the film climaxes we see Zahras boyfriend dead on the road as he had saved her.

                   We thought this was a realistic and good idea because it is simple yet effective and one of our group members has a car we can use for the tragic scene. TRAGEDY PLUS ROMANCE = VIEWERS ENTERTAINMENT.

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The Brief – To create a five minute short film of our choice different to a thriller. A film poster to advertise our film and a little white lies magazine film review.

Our class watched previous short films from A2 students to inspire us with an idea of creating a group invidual short film. The films we viewed were mainly comedies and realistic dramas which were completely different to the thriller genre.

My initial response to the brief was was facing the challenges of creating a unique short film which wasnt a thriller. I am comfortable with filming and planning for moving images so this project will be enjoyable.

Our next task was to find a group who we thought were hard workers with dedication and shared similar ideas. I decided to work with zahra, Pavan and Tanya .As there are all girls in the group we found it in our best interests to work around ideas of romcoms or dramas facing real life problems.


I am a big fan of films and very interested in the production of films. I enjoy watching films with a clever plot and an unexpected twist at the end. some of my favourite films include sixth sense, Leon and The usual suspects. Producing short films is an interesting experience which will be helpful later in life with the career I want to pursue.

A few of my favourite films.


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